Rb5 Vinicola Visual Identity

Victor Weiss

Packaging Design Rb5 Vinicola Visual Identity by Victor Weiss RB5 is a winery in the city of Sao Leopoldo / RS, in a region of Italian colonization. RB5 Begun in 1853 with the devotion of the 5 Bartolini brothers. The father of the Bartolini family (Giovanni Bartolini) had the dream of migrating to Brazil and starting a winery where he could apply all the technique developed in a life-time of learning in Palermo/Italy. R - Rodolfo (Father of current CEO). B - Bartolini (Surname). 5 - Reference to the 5 brothers that created the company. Each Bartolini brother focused on studying one kind of grape, one kind of wine. Each brother had a specialty.


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