Germain Robin California Brandy Branding and Redesign

Laurent Hainaut

Packaging Design Germain Robin California Brandy Branding and Redesign by Laurent Hainaut Germain-Robin began in 1982 as the unlikely union of two creative minds: Ansley Cole, a professor and Hubert Germain-Robin, a Cognac distiller. The two partnered to create Germain-Robin, the first California brandy that broke free from the constraints of Cognac. Asked to rebrand Germain-Robin, ForceMajeure stayed true to the ethos of the founders while providing quality and premium cues to make Germain-Robin the brandy of choice for connoisseurs. Emulating the core brand value of unembellished and uncompromising, ForceMajeure created a clean and straightforward look for the brand.


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